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Save Big with 1031 Exchange
Seven Steps for Maximizing Economic Benefits
Lease Options
Dual Agency
Commercial Leasing Bargain Bins
Relocating Your Company – Getting Started
Budgetary Quote vs Contract Bid!
Selling Commercial Real Estate – Five Steps to Maximize the Price
Professional Real Estate Designations
Hiring A Tenant/Buyer Broker
Fortune 500 Wisdom
Caring For a Vacant Building
Forget the Price
Industrial Office Conversions
Renew or Move?
What Is He Doing?
General Contracting or Construction Management?
Tenant Expansion Options
The Top Six Mistakes
Honored by Boy Scouts of America, Suffolk County Council
Thanksgiving Blessings!
How to Negotiate the Commercial Real Estate Lease!
Environmental Reports
Lease Abstracts – As Essential as Signing the Lease
Preparing for Negotiation
Reviewing the Proposed Lease – Twice!
Picking the Right Lease Term
The Real Estate Market Today – A Big and Welcome Change
The Six Questions
To Buy Or Lease – That is the question!
Spring Cleaning
Tenant Retention
How to Slash Occupancy Costs
The LED Revolution
Peak Parking Lots
Resale Value Matters
Rights of First Refusal
Operating Your Business During Construction
Do We Really Need a Building Permit?
The Last Month…..What a Blur!
Maintaining Flat Roofs and Your Sanity
How Do You Choose A Commercial Real Estate Agent?
Measuring Space – The Difference Between Rentable and Useable Square Feet
Four Stages of Real Estate Acquisition
Why Use A General Contractor?
Budget Quotations vs Contract Bids
Property Sparkle On A Budget
Maintaining Your Property Like a Professional
Three Most Important Criteria in Buying Real Estate
Making The Best Possible Deal When Renewing Your Lease
Should you buy or lease your commercial real estate?
Choosing a Commercial Real Estate Broker
Cash in Your Chips
How long a lease?
Net, Gross and Full Service Leases
Image isn’t everything, but it sure is helpful when it comes to leasing or selling your building!
Budget Quotations vs. Contract Bids
Signs the recession may be ending…
Keeping Heating Costs Down
Sale-Leasebacks Part 2
Overall Vacancy Rate in the Nassau-Suffolk Marketplace



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